Free Fire ID And Password [Free Fire ID Hack]

The ID and Password are two different  things that are necessary to access the Free Fire Account. If you forget any one of these, you are unable to access your account. Here we will guide you about Free Fire ID And Password.

We suggest keeping your account safe and secure and never share it with anyone. We also advise you never use any improper way to grow or level up an account otherwise Free Fire can Ban you anytime due to using the shortcuts.

Free Fire ID And Password 2022

Free Fire Account is the main thing that is necessary and you have to be very careful to keep it safe and secure. Because if someone hacks your account or you forget your ID or Password, you have lost your assets that you have built and gotten all level. 

FF ID And Password

It is hard for a beginner player to level up their accounts and wait for a long time to get the premium stuff like emotes, skins, weapons and vehicles.

The best solution is to get the old account so that you do not need to wait and work for a long time to get premium stuff and to beat the Pro Players. 

But the problem is where you can get the old accounts. Don’t worry at all. We come with a complete solution so that you can get all the information here.

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What is Free Fire ID And Password Hack APK

Free Fire ID is a 12 digit unique number that is assigned to every player that recognizes them from each other.

You can find and add your friend to your free fire account using this unique ID. 

List of Free Fire ID And Password

We are providing here a complete list of working FF ID and Passwords. We also update the list regularly.

Some of them are working and some of them become outdated so we regularly update the list daily. 

These old accounts contains many diamonds and you can use the diamond generator to get more diamonds.

We suggest you try all the ID and Passwords one by one to get the working one. If you are unable to find any working account, you must comment below to acknowledge us so that we update the list.

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Methods of Free Fire Login

There are two ways to get access to the free account. The first is using facebook and the second is using a gmail account. But you can only access the account if you have accurate login credentials. 

Free Fire ID And Password Screenshots

Free Fire ID And Password [ Using Facebook ]

It is a pretty easy step to get access to the free fire account by using Facebook. You must have logged into your Facebook account. 

Open the free fire and click on the login with Facebook. After some seconds it automatically fetches the login credential and logs in to your account. 

Here is the list of Free Fire Accounts that you can login using Facebook account. Put these accounts to Facebook first and then open the free fire using the Facebook button. 

Free Fire ID And Password [ Using Gmail ]

Another easiest way to get access to the free fire account is by using the Gmail credential. We have provided a list of working accounts using gmail. 

You don’t need to login into facebook. Just open the free fire game, click on the login button. Click on the login with gmail.

Put the following gmail and their respective password and get the working pro accounts. 

How to Login to Free Fire ID

Free Fire ID is very important for every Free Fire Player. As we discussed earlier, it is a hard and time taking process to grow a fresh account.

So we have provided you with a solution by providing the working ID and Password above. Use these accounts to get the accounts of Pro players. 

Now the question arises how you can get access by putting in the above accounts.

The process is simple. Just follow the given steps and boom. You will get the working already built account with just some clicks. 

  • Open the Free Fire game and click on the login button on free fire. It will redirect to the login page.
  • After that, put the username and password in the given box and click on login
  • You will get the login successfully and enter into the account if the account is working.
  • If the account is not working, it will show the message username or password incorrect.
  • If you get this type of error, leave that account and move to the next account.
  • Put these accounts one by one, you will definitely get the fully built account this way.

Free Fire ID Hack

Scammers offer to run a campaign to use different hacks to level up the Free Fire ID. But we suggest you never put an ear on these illegal methods to grow the accounts.

Free Free has strong privacy protection and hacker detection technology. When they detect your account, they will surely ban it due to your unethical activity. 

It not only harms your Free Fire Account but can also damage your smart phones where you apply these tactics because most of the methods are illegal and unverified. We suggest you never rely on any other website or link except Apkshines. 


  • You get the already grows account
  • These account consists of diamonds
  • Updated skins and other weapon are already unlocked
  • Safest way to get more premium item in less time


  • It takes time as you have to check different account one by one
  • You have waste your time if you are taking the account from any illegal site except Apkshines


  • Never use these accounts illegally
  • Do not perform any improper activity after first time login
  • Once you logged in any account, never add too many friends at once. Otherwise it will go to restricts
  • Never overcome the step and use every single step wisely and properly to get the appropriate results

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Frequently Asked Question

What is the easiest way to get a Free Fire ID and Password?

The easiest way is to ask your friend to give them their personal ID. Another easy way to get the id from here as we have also provided free working ID and password.

Are their accounts safe and working?

Yes! We daily update the list and enlist the latest working account. So you have to put one by one to get the appropriate account.


We have completely checked every account and then provide a list of working Free Fire ID and Password.

You just have to put in the login area and boom. It is the shortcut to get the pro level account with just some clicks and patience. 

If you have any query or you are unable to get the working account, just put the query in the comment section. We will update the list.

Once you get the working account, you can take more benefits from reading our article Redeem Codes, Redeem Codes Generator and  diamond hack.

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