BlackMart APK 3.0.1 (Official Version 2023) Free Download

APKShines.comBlackMart APK is an app store that helps to download premium apps and games for free. If you use any premium app, you have to pay for it weekly, monthly, or yearly, but the Blackmart app provides all the premium stuff for free. In short, it is the best alternative to the Play Store.

It provides a full unlimited opportunity to download apps that you paid many dollars for on other app stores. Apps that are paid on Playstore, can be downloaded for free from Blackmart.

Download BlackMart Alpha APK Latest Version

Android phones have their own largest app store called Google Play Store which consists of both free and paid apps. There are many free apps and games that you can download on Apkshines. We bring the latest version of BlackMart APK which provides these premium apps and games without paying a single penny. Just click on the link provided above and enjoy this amazing app.

BlackMart Alpha APK

BlackMart apk consists of a huge collection of apps that are not available even in Google Play Store and other apps providing market. The main feature of this fantastic app-providing market is that android users don’t need to register it or won’t face any restrictions and download any premium app directly.

Features of BlackMart APK

Whenever you need to install any premium application, you have to pay a lot of money through your Debit or ATM card. No doubt some of them can afford it but not everyone has enough money to pay to get these paid games and apps. The best alternative to deal with such a situation is BlackMart which is also a marketplace of various apps and games.

Every android user can imagine various surprises in this app. We are listing each section in detail here. There are also some other markets available like Cyberflix apk, Magisk Manager and Titanium TV etc but this is the best option and diverse collection.

One-Click Download

BlackMart marketplace delivers the desired results with a single click. Android users don’t need any permission to install apps. Even you can search for any app or game by itself, providing a search box. You just need to enter the name of your app or game and it will generate all the results related to that app or game. Once you find your desired app, just press click on the install button and it will automatically download to your smartphone.

Blackmart app download

Automatic Installation

The latest version of BlackMart comes with an automatic installation feature. Most android users also like this feature because they don’t have to download it manually. It automatically gets installed when it is fully downloaded. Other markets lack the auto-installation feature which makes it an amazing choice for every android user. So auto-installation is another good feature of the Blackmarket apk.

Automatic Updates

Another amazing feature of the Black Mart app is the automatic updates. The app updates itself automatically whenever a new version is released. This feature provides more security as it removes bugs automatically if the update finds them. You can also disable the auto-update feature at any time from the settings.

In-Built App Manager

BlackMart pro apk has an app manager tool, so you don’t need to install any third-party app manager. It helps to uninstall any app or move any app between the storage.

Free Apps and Games

Like other markets, Black Market Alpha apk has a repository that consists of a huge collection of free and paid apps and games. It not only provides premium apps and games but also free apps. You can download your favorite apps or games with just one click.

Search for Your Favorite Apps

The Search box makes it easy for you if you can’t find any app. Just click on the search button, type the app or game you need and click on the search button. It will generate matching results in the list shown below.

Black mart search

Upload Your App

BlackMart Alpha is not just an app download marketplace, but android users can upload their apps too on this popular app store. You can publish your app anytime for free on this huge app store.

What’s New

  • Secure and Bug-Free
  • Automatic Updates
  • Easy Graphic User Interface
  • User-Friendly App Store

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Blackmart APK Screenshots

BlackMart APK Screenshots


  • It consists of many updated apps
  • Consists of new games
  • Does not need any verification


  • Internet connection required to download the app

Preventive Measures

  • Always download BlackMart APP from trusted brands like Apkshines.

BlackMart APK Download Link

Free Fire Latest Version

How to Install BlackMart APK Latest Version

Each device has disabled unknown sources to prevent the installation of third-party apps. To install the black market 2023 apk, you need to enable it from the Android settings. Just follow the instructions below.

  • Under device administration, enable the “Unknown Sources” option
  • Now, download the latest version of the Blackmart apk.
  • Click on the downloaded apk file for installation
  • Tap the “Download” button.
  • Do not cancel the process until it is complete
  • To launch it, tap the “open” button after installation.

We have provided a quick and comprehensive guide above to download it. Now, just go, download and grab the amazing things in this amazing app store. With this method, you can download blackmart alpha free app download.


APKSHINES provides the largest app store marketplace BlackMart APK. You can also read our review of this app. You can download the latest or old version as per your choice. We will be happy to resolve your queries as soon as possible, if you are still having problems, please let us know in the comment box.

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