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Three stars allow you to open 40 extra levels in Bad Piggies MOD APK which has more than 200 challenging levels. At the beginning of the game, bad piggies APK provides three types of parts that can be used to gather both the guide pieces and the containers. Playing this game is incredibly difficult. In 2012, IGN named this the best mobile game of the year. The game remains one of our favorites. You can assemble rafts and vehicles that defy the laws of physics by playing this game. The vehicles will help these crazy pigs reach their destination.

There has been some fandom for the series developed from the original Angry Birds and adaptations like Angry Birds Evolution. Several of these games have enjoyed tremendous success in the gaming world. The next edition of the series is unique and nothing like what has come before. To move away from the usual focus on evil pigs as in the other franchise games and other games available on Google Play, the Bad Piggies HD game has shifted the focus on the bad guys.

Bad Piggies MOD APK 2022

Congratulations, you’ve found the right page if you’re searching for Bad Piggies Mod Apk latest version. This page provides detailed information regarding vehicles, perks and styles, This article aims to provide you with insight into the possibilities of a Bad Piggies Mobile Game. There’s no full-sized game here but it’s still a good brain-teaser. Bad Piggies is a very clever game if you pay close attention. In essence, you are a furry animal character (a pig). Collecting coins is the only way to level up. The more baddies you shoot, the more animals will become your heroes. The game is played by shooting enemies and collecting keys.

Features of Bad Piggies MOD APK

Let’s discuss the hidden features of Bad Piggies MOD APK so that you can trust it and enjoy the real taste of its gameplay.

Simple Controls

Angry birds mod apk uses the mouse to aim and fire and both versions are elementary to control. You can change the difficulty in the game and the graphics by clicking the control pad next to the game options. Besides giving your character a voice, you can also give them different features such as wings or changing colors.

It would be a mistake to think the game ends once you collect all the pigs. You will also need to keep shooting to get someone on the platform if the pigs fly off. There are endless levels in this game and you may find you aren’t prepared for some of the challenges it may offer you. You will enjoy this mod because it provides many piggies, angry birds and power-ups.

Use of Perfect Skill

The Android version of Bad Piggies Mod Apk is easy to download. It is easy to install the mod. Download it and install it on your android device. The mod will let you start collecting pigs and controlling angry birds within minutes. You can build and manipulate different aspects of the game using the game’s contraption items which are free, safe and easy to use. As well as the game’s graphics, Dr. Seuss provides voice tracks that explain each level. It comes as no surprise that Bad Piggies Mod Apk has been so popular since it boasts so many exciting levels and fun sounds.

200 Basic Levels and 40 Unique Stories

The 200 stages of Bad Piggies require you to answer 200 riddles. You can unlock 40 game levels after completing certain levels with three stars. When Pigs Fly, you can take a break in the fly model if you play too long. The game is a creative one, but only a limited number of items may be used on every level. However, to score the highest, you must strictly follow the game’s rules. We expect you to fail several times at strict levels before sticking around for a long time. That is a common complaint with puzzle games. According to a proverb, failure can be followed by success.

Take Vehicle To Your Destination

A puzzle component of the game requires the player to construct a vehicle that will achieve the goal. Players will encounter a level entrance filled with vacant areas and materials to obtain the car. Using these components, players will assemble a whole car. When the player constructs the vehicle, he goes near the target with the pig. A rendered car will give all three stars to the player if the pig reaches the goal and if the pig can reach the goal, the player wins the stage.

Impressive Graphics

This game has stunning graphics and it has an easy to use user interface. A beautiful and high-quality graphic will keep you entertained.

Get Help from the Mechanical Pig

You’ll receive the best tools and equipment to help you craft. The Mechanic Pig also assembles your car by himself. You can only review it and offer suggestions for a chance to win three stars easily.

Collect Hidden Loot Crates

There is also a loot crate collecting feature in Bad Piggies. You can design and craft your vehicles and find and collect hidden loot which can be used for upgrading your vehicles or unlocking new gameplay options.

Enjoy Free Mod Version

We offer the bad piggies unlocked version of the game for download on our website Apkshines including ad-free play, a complete unlocked experience and many exciting extras. The game is free to play and all items can be used. You’ll find them throughout the game.

Bad Piggies PC

It has just released a new game called Bad Piggies PC, a sequel to its Angry Birds game. To help the green pigs steal eggs, you’ll need to use your intellect and reasoning abilities. The game is also available on PC. Playing bad piggies on a pc can be tricky because we know the game needs to be controlled by a mouse and keyboard more easily than on a mobile device.

We should assist the miscreants in capturing the eggs. In the end, building vehicles that would assist them in beating the level, utilizing a variety of articles and the most incredible ingenuity would be a great idea. Angry Birds fans will enjoy helping the Green Piggies in the search and capture of eggs in Bad Piggies PC. It includes terrible piggies in addition to what’s in the apk version. You get a little bit different task and mission in the PC version and the ability to update it without charge.

Bad Piggies Cheats

Online cheats for Bad Piggies especially Field of Dreams are essential. With so many downloads and a 4.8 rating, this activity game has been viral on iOS and Android since its release in March 2017. If you need Bad Piggies hacks, we will provide them to you.

We also have cheats for Bad Piggies to pass you in addition to Field of dreams cheats. You can reach your goal with Field of Dreams, Mechanic x, Permanent Mechanic, Small Snout Coin Pack, Golden Crate, Super Mechanic x, Super Glue x, and Turbo Charge x. You can avoid being trapped by using our Bad Piggies cheats.


There are many different gameplay elements in Bad Piggies Mod Apk. As soon as you start viewing the screen, you’ll notice the cute ducks constantly moving. You will hear chirps from these ducks every time you touch them. The chirp will sound whenever you need to kill a specific number of chickens or pigs.

You can also gather power-ups along the way in Bad Piggies, so it’s not just about shooting enemies. You can harvest eggs from pigs or chickens from the Egg Carrier which lets you carry eggs around. This feature automatically updates your inventory so you never have to search for it. There are only three uses for the power-up but its benefits make investing in it highly worthwhile. The final power-up is a UFO mini-plane if you do enough damage during the battle. There are power-ups to collect on the mini-plane’s trail so don’t forget to pick up all the scraps.

There’s a lot in store for Angry Birds fans in the Angry Birds PC version. You see small icons representing vehicles and power-ups all over the screen. They will spin and buzz in the air as you use them and allow you to collect and store them. The ten birds can be flown into specific areas and battled with enemy birds once they have all been collected. It is also possible to shoot power-ups at tanks or jets in this game to deal more damage.


You will enjoy this with the best quality sound effects and graphics in a thrilling, exciting and adventurous game. The Pigs can easily travel on the roads using your craft’s best vehicles. As a result of its excellent features, it will prove to be a great way to kill time. You will enjoy playing it. It is a lot of fun to play. Watch the piggie crash, jump, fly, fall and complete as many levels as possible. There are manageable levels and there are levels where you have to solve puzzles. Apkshines also provide other amazing games like Castle Clash and Super City.

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