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You can download Among Us MOD APK from our website if you are interested. Crewmates and imposters play this game.
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The US has become a popular game in recent years. The ability to play with friends and random people online is quite fun. The gameplay is pretty basic as well. You can download Among Us MOD APK from our website if you are interested. Crewmates and imposters play this game. After being placed on ships together, a player or players will be labeled as an impostor. However, the gameplay isn’t particularly exciting.

Among Us MOD APK 2022

What’s so special about Among Us APK MOD? This is what we will discuss now. We recommend playing video games as a way to relax. The majority of people today have smartphones, so they can download and play games easily. Among Us app has also introduced the among us beta version.

Among Us MOD APK

What is Among Us MOD APK

The game Among Us is popular today. Moreover, 10 players gather together on a spaceship for the game. They are joined by an imposter chosen randomly. You must perform different among us tasks as a crewmate, stay safe and not get killed and figure out who the imposter is and locate dead bodies. The game will start with one impostor team and one crewmate team.

If you were an imposter, you’d kill other players and act as if you didn’t know who the imposter was and kick them out of the ship. You will also have the option of sabotage, making killings easier and obtaining alibis easier. This MOD APK game can be played alone with friends or even with strangers. You can play among us online game with 10 other players. Additionally, if you are a crewmate, you can win the among us game by completing all tasks or discovering the imposter and voting him out of the ship.

Features of Among Us MOD APK?

You can save a lot of money and enjoy among us games without ads with this MOD version. The game also has many additional features. See below for details. You can simply click on the above provided link and enjoy the among us game download by just a single tap.

Premium Unlocked

This is the only reason you are downloading this App—those who want the app’s premium features for free download the app’s modifications. The APK includes all the premium features available in Among Us MOD. Furthermore, the app fulfills your demand since it offers premium features for free—no need to pay for any features in the game. You can even unlock the among us maps as you progress in the game.

No Ads

In that case, be at ease because this mod app will resolve your problem. Users can now enjoy this game free of advertisements. As a result of this feature, you will become the best player around. The developer has removed its ads by modifying the original app for this game.


The graphics in this game are among its best features. The among us free game contains graphics that do not compare to those of the modern day. A 60 frame per second is guaranteed. However, it does offer good graphics that match well with the game’s style. The graphics are decent but not spectacular. This game can be played with your friends, making it even more fun. It is possible to customize each character and each player has a unique appearance. This game lets you create a unique personality which no other player can replicate. The animations and visuals will also be smooth.

Always Impostors

You cannot choose whether to play the role of impostors yourself in Among Us download. Therefore, any random player might be chosen to play an imposter. In the mod menu, activate the ‘Always Imposter Mode’ option. A crewmate has fewer abilities than an impostor, so you can use vents and unlock doors. However, you will play as an imposter whenever you wish with the modded game.

Among Us Free Skins

The skin is nothing more than the clothing you wear in the game. To customize your player, you must choose an among us Minecraft skin, color and hat. You cannot choose any among us skins that someone has chosen. There are some other among us custom skins available on this among us updated version.

All Pets Unlocked

The player’s pet will follow them around as he navigates the spaceship. They have different animations and reactions in response to their owner dying. You can unlock all pets, so you can choose one for your among us character since the Among Us modded version has unlocked all of them.

Unlimited emergencies meetings

There are only a few types of emergency meetings available in the normal mode of Among Us. The demand for emergency meetings is also modest.  You have endless options for emergency meetings with this Among Us Mod Apk. As well, you cannot vote if you are on the suspect’s list, so you cannot vote.

Unlocked Hats

You can customize your character’s appearance with several hats. A few new hats have been added to the Halloween update, such as Jason’s mask, the demon horns, and the knife. Besides the Santa Claus hat, antlers hat and so on, there are other hats you can obtain by updating your game. There is some money involved in customizing hats in Among Us APK MOD but most are free.

Astronaut Faction

As soon as you enter Amongus Mods, your faction will be divided into the astronauts and the impostors. To track down imposters, you can only find evidence of vandalism or murder because your enemies are cunning and hide well. The key to completing the task and conquering your opponent is to put all your strength into that side, no matter how you are positioned. As an astronaut, you should repair your ship and chase away the impostors from your territory. Additionally, the astronaut faction can call an emergency meeting to remove all of the suspects from the ship.

Imposter Faction

To complete the adventure faction’s mission, players must destroy all astronauts. In addition to participating in the fair election to create chaos, you can pretend to be astronauts. Players must create attacks to destroy the spaceship and then split the spaceship internally by using the sound of rain. As well as approaching the astronauts, players may sneak into their rooms to kill major enemies.

Diverse Modes

By allowing up to 10 players to join, the Among Us Mods makes the game more interesting and fun. In addition, players can experience and explore many different missions. There will be a lot of fun in team matches if you invite more friends. The game has been developed as a result of your feedback. You will receive rewards for your achievements. Colorful outfits will distinguish your character from the rest.

Among Us Play Online Free

Android game Among Us free download is an engaging recreation of the board game Werewolf. The game’s goal is to identify the Impostor with 4-10 teammates before you’re killed.

Multi-Language Support

Users can access the application in any language they desire. Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Korean, Turkish, Indonesian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Slovak, Ukrainian, Amharic, Zulu, Armenian and others are available including such a large amount of languages, anyone from any part of the world can easily use the application without any difficulties.

Safe & Confidential

The application secures and protects all user information. Third parties cannot access the personal information of users over the

Among Us Update

The application becomes even more attractive for others by providing users with regular updates. As a result, users can utilize the application services without experiencing any difficulties.

Full-Time Availability

Users can access the application’s services 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, wherever they are.

Can Rejoin Banned Rooms

The administrator of a room will often ban you from a group; after that, rejoining the group becomes very difficult. If you install Among Us MOD MENU APK, you can rejoin those rooms immediately. Use the hacks infinitely.

Zero Kill Cooldown

You can be an impostor with Zero Kill Cooldown in Among Us MOD APK. It is possible to kill infinite numbers of enemies at once.

End Voting

This modified application allows you to end the voting process at any time. Now that the whole Among Us server is at your disposal, you can terminate all voting and kick any user out without getting their permission.

Unlimited Emergency Meetings

MOD MENU is among our most popular features. The official version only bothered everyone with up to two emergency meetings. You will be able to hold endless emergency meetings with this cracked app.

Zero Sabotage Cooldown

With this fascinating Among Us hacks mobile modification, you can sabotage infinitely without waiting for a cooldown. Sabotage away!

Lighting Hack

When the lights go out, you’ll be able to see all your crewmates and imposters. Don’t you think it’s amazing?

Increased Player Vision

Players will benefit much more from Among Us Always Impostor APK than the official Among Us version. After using this MOD, you will be able to find the impostor even when he is very far away.

Always Impostor Hack

If you get bored playing games and playing as crewmates every time, you need to get the advanced Among Us app. Use this cracked application to become an impostor with the Always Impostor Hack at every round.

Enhanced Speed

You can increase your character’s speed up to 4x with the Among Us MOD MENU APK.

Visible Ghosts

Apart from the extended vision, this cracked app also gives you ghost vision, allowing you to see the apparitions of your dead crewmates wandering around.


Among Us’ official games, it has the most annoying advertisements. Aside from that, Among Us MOD APK doesn’t interrupt your gameplay with ads, nor does it show banners or video ads.

What’s New

You might be wondering what features the game offers before you download it. There are several key features, including:

  • Your crew members and you must complete all of the tasks assigned to you to win.
  • Imposters can be removed at any time by calling a meeting.
  • If you suspect someone is impersonating, you may skip voting.
  • Imposters can sabotage things like crewmates to disturb them and kill them pretty easily.
  • You can also keep an eye on your crewmates with the help of the admin map and cameras in this game. Thus, keep all tabs open and watch out for any suspicious activity.
  • Reporting dead bodies to other players will enable them to contact them immediately. If there is any evidence, you can examine it and determine who the imposter is.
  • When you’re an imposter, you can use vents to move from one location to another or hide after you’ve killed someone.
  • Chatting with other players is possible via the among us quick chat option.
  • Your avatar can be customized with colors and hats.

This is just a small list of the features in the game. For your Android device, we recommend downloading Among Us latest version. The among us mod ios version is suitable for the IOS devices.

Among Us Gameplay

In Hack Among Us, players will experience life as an astronaut and destroy the spies on the ship to protect the ship. It would help if you also had flexibility and insight – these two traits are very important to winning. The game has easy-to-comprehend gameplay and simple rules, so even a novice can pick it up in no time at all. It would help if you trusted your teammates to survive because their skills also contribute greatly to your success. After follow all instructions, you will learn that how to play the among us hack apk.

Among Us MOD APK Gameplay ScreenShots

Among Us MOD APK Gameplay ScreenShots


  • Easy to play
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Free to download
  • No need to root the device


  • If you download from any illegal site, it may harm your security. So always use APKShines and ensure trusted and verified apps and games.


  • Always download Among Us MOD APK from a trusted website like Apkshines.
  • Never click any suspicious link on any untrusted website.

How To Download Among Us APK

  • Click on the Download APK button. You will be redirected to the download page
  • Wait for 10 seconds to show the download link button.
  • After showing the download button, click on it and download it on your android and ios devices.

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Android, iOS, Windows and Linux have all been adopted by Us. We offer all the above modifications and hacks free with the Among Us MOD APK. It uses the same interface and server as the official one. The game features a top-notch game plot while offering both free-to-play and paid-to-play modes. For winning different levels, you need teamwork and use a world-class strategy.


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