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In addition to the hit game AdVenture Capitalist, Hyper Hippo has released AdVenture Communist. Build up your manufacturing empire to benefit your citizens by gathering more materials, resources, and items. In addition, the majority of gameplay happens in the background, which means you’re doing other things while the game runs. As you reach your full potential, you may be able to make a few tweaks, work faster, or even achieve prestige. It is a game that involves just moving your arms to relax, which is an attractive job. People who work hard all day should play AdVenture Communist. After a demanding workday, you want to play a game to release the stress. You see that you are playing swordplay action shooting games. To relieve fatigue, the operation must be flexible. Today we summarized the AdVenture Communist MOD APK in this article.

A capitalist empire was simulated in the original game AdVenture Capitalist. The world of communism must have an equivalent experience. It’s available both on PC and Android, though the Android version provides a somewhat limited experience that’s still very enjoyable. Idle games work brilliantly as mobile games because they can be left to run and checked on when your phone is in your pocket. For taking the edge off daily fatigue. This week, we’re revealing AdVenture Communist. Using the computer mouse is all it takes to play this game. You will enjoy this leisurely game if you enjoy simple gameplay. You will feel satisfied by AdVenture Communist. The intense battles will leave you stress-free. Even though AdVenture Communist appears to be heavy work, you will find it easy and comfortable.

AdVenture Communist MOD APK

A game based on the life of a communist is AdVenture Communist. Your goal is to build a communist state that ensures the happiness and prosperity of all its citizens. With our MOD version of the game, you can create your communist state as quickly and efficiently as possible, which provides unlimited money, gems, and crystals. It’s easy to maintain control over your citizens. You can live out your communist dreams. Over the years, it has been downloaded five million times, and millions of people play it every day. In addition to the outstanding features of the game, its players also requested unlimited features. Thus, we have created the AdVenture Communist MOD APK for Android with all the unlocked features, including free shopping, max card levels, and upgrade Scientists.


The original story remains the same in AdVenture Communist. Your primary objective in this game is to grow as many potatoes as you can because your path to glory begins with potatoes. The mechanics are generally straightforward. In addition to farming potatoes, you are also responsible for managing your resources, such as producing weapons, ore, land, potatoes, and medicines.

The upgrade bar fills up as you click until the resource is created. Then, each time you click, you can redeem the value to increase your resource multiplier. Moreover, you can hire workers to eliminate the need to click many times. It is also possible to have Comrades, which represents the number of workers you can have. To obtain these resources automatically, you must buy specialized workers.

Features of AdVenture Communist MOD APK

We as an expert in gaming, suggest to read the AdVenture Communist MOD APK features with full attention.


Among the most critical features in this feature. The higher your rank, the more complex the mission will be. The industry’s production will not increase due to ranking, so you need to recruit and promote researchers. A total of 93 researchers can be unlocked in this game, but about 96 total. One hundred fifteen ranks unlock the rest. You can only get five researchers in events when you reach thresholds. After you rank up, you can get more researchers.

The Automation Feature

You cannot deactivate the application if the game is inactive. You can play this game even if you haven’t touched it in a while. Using this game, you can earn money trading potatoes through the most uncomplicated methods.

Develop Potato Empire

All countries in the world face food shortages. Food is essential for life. A good choice is potatoes. There are many delicious ways to prepare potatoes. You enjoy fries the most. Build a vast empire around potatoes. You could become a great country leader. If there are too many farmers, build farms and villages. By upgrading the necessary items, you can increase farmland.

Special Characters Ability

You can choose from various characters for each role in this game. Each character will help you to achieve your common objective and to build a communist country. Many other areas require a combination of multiple characteristics, such as harvesting potatoes, finding cures for potato growth, and farming. You must understand how to find the right human resources, so your industry runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. In addition to upgrading these characters, you can also make them faster.

Upgrade Your Industry

You can start by growing potatoes. Your business will expand as you produce enough food. The AdVenture Communist Hack APK includes farms, cities, irrigation systems, electricity, factories, and weapons upgrades. The game offers you several ways to earn enough material.

Gain Rank And Rewards

In missions, tasks, usually capsules, need to be completed to receive a reward. You’ll get an ice cream roll or pill if you complete a job. Those who complete some missions will receive a silver hat and new rank. In some cases, the reward may be gold or science. Various mission types can accomplish different tasks such as promoting scientists, unlocking industries, collecting tokens, gathering resources, or collecting scientific data.


The Capsule is usually the reward for completing missions similar to other games. A Wood Capsule or Stone Capsule will be awarded to you upon completing a task. You can earn Silver Capsules by completing a specified number of missions. You may also receive Gold or Science rewards for completing assignments. You can trade, unlock, collect, collect science, promote, and spend various types of missions.


In the game, each player’s rank measures their progress. There usually are three missions required to rank up in the game. As you level up, you automatically receive all mission rewards and unclaimed science. You will no longer have access to Potato and Farmer resources.


The purpose of trade is to increase the productivity of Comrades. The production resource requires Comrades for its construction, so work is crucial. In addition to achieving higher levels of industry, Comrades are used to building high-quality resources. In total, there are five industries, resulting in five trades. Getting successive works in a similar sector will increase the base resource required for each business.


Gold, Researcher cards, and Science capsules are rewards, as noted above. Their rarity varies, but you can obtain them by completing missions, receiving event rewards, or purchasing them from the shop.


In most games, the Airdrop doesn’t appear. It’s considered a periodic event. The bonus will appear when it appears, and players will receive Resources, Science, and Comrades. The players will have to tap on the screen to stop a plane from flying from one side to the other. It is possible to deliver airdrops by boat or another aircraft in certain situations.

A Variety of Events

We plan to hold events monthly at AdVenture Communist. The total number of events is 11, including Winter Motherland, Communist Crusade, Anew Atlantis, Shields Up, Comrade Cowboys, Potato Export, Ninja Union, and Power Underwhelming. Players participating in an event must usually complete a mission that includes 21 ranks. Industries and researchers have different requirements. Thus, it would help if you boosted the strength of your researchers so they can receive as many rewards as possible.


The gameplay in Adventure Communist can be described as Idle-style because it is one of the most accessible genres to play and anyone can enjoy. The player does not have to do much in these games, or they do not need to think much, like strategic games. The game is straightforward; you don’t need to understand its contents to achieve high scores. The developers of fun in this genre still need to create accents subtly to catch players’ attention, even with smooth gameplay. As a Glorious Leader, you would establish world communism in a new way using this game.

Undoubtedly, the Communist state has developed in an unmatched manner, with its economy based on potatoes. To increase potato production, you’ll need to employ much technology. You can also enlist the help of your friends. It will only take a few years to harvest potatoes, and you will be able to expand your business even further. The concept of infinity will be accurately represented in this game. Additionally, the interface of “Adventure Communist” is quite simple. You can run your Communist State during that time if you spend some time during the beginning of the game.

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How to Install AdVenture Communist MOD APK on Android

It is advisable to uninstall any previous versions of this game on your device. You need to go to settings, select security, and turn on Unknown Sources.

The mod APK file can be installed very easily. The steps are listed below.

  • Download the document by clicking above and waiting to download it before opening it and installing it on your Android device.
  • You will have to follow the instructions inside.
  • The game can now be played.

How to Install AdVenture Communist MOD APK on PC

It is easy to install AdVenture Communist MOD APK on a PC. The two options are Bluestacks or NOX player. You can follow this method.

  • To run any mobile app on your computer, you will first need the BlueStacks player software. This free program allows you to run android apps on your computer.
  • We will send you the mod APK once you have installed the emulator.
  • To install the software, you must execute the downloaded file or click “Import From Windows.”
  • The program will launch once you click the launch button.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Spend Gold On?

You can use your gold best by purchasing occasional Supreme capsules for 750 gold each. However, you might be able to earn 40% more Supremes per gold if you invest in events carefully. To earn science rewards, you must first purchase the correct Supreme in the Shop for 40k.

What Can I Get After The Event?

As stated previously, every time you beat an event rank, you will get rewards. You will also get tips if you reach certain leaderboard milestones. This future event will not save your progress.

Do I Have To Complete All Missions Before Levelling Up?

The belief is that staying in higher ranks earns you better capsules, so waiting is not advantageous. However, other researchers believe that they can boost their levels by utilizing various strategies.

How Often The Supremes Appear In The Shop?

The Shop is refreshed every eight hours. The chances of seeing the Supreme are 20% in the bottom-right corner. It only shows up in the bottom-middle of the rankings for 40k Science 12% of the time.


This article guide written by Apkshines should have clarified everything you need to understand about AdVenture Communist MOD APK. In the comments section below, we’ll answer any questions you might have. You can also read other articles to discover more great Mods.

Its purpose is generally to enhance the enjoyment of a game. The hacked version will allow you to generate as much gold as you need. In addition, it doesn’t consume too much storage on your device or contain any malicious programs, so your device remains protected. To avoid detection from the server, you should not overuse the hacked apk, even though it seems advantageous.

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