A successful journey from a Mobile shop to internet blogging

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In freelancing and our blogging journey, we were shy, low-confident, and whatnot. Interested? How about a quick and informative chat? The story of our life can be a story of each boy or girl who dreams of being “different from the crowd.”

My Background:

When we were kids, we wouldn’t say we liked school, relatives, or neighborhood friends. Our friend’s family described me as introverted, but we preferred being alone and did not like going to parties. After school, we would go into nature to explore something and catch butterflies all the time the entire day. There was something different about me. There was a presumption in our family that we would excel in a way that our classmates and cousins could not. It is generally the expectation of parents for their children. The short version is that after failing several attempts to quit school, we finally completed matriculation and enrolled in an ICS college. The second semester was our last one.

Opening Mobile Shop:

My father gave me 35,000 Rupees to start a mobile store. we couldn’t believe the internet back then. In 2013, smartphone usage was on the rise in the country. our passion for blogging grew despite the success of the shop. This was our first time learning about blogs or how you can earn money by using your website. As well as PTC, self-clicking on ads, and tricks, we also tried many other methods. Having no money to spend, we made some mistakes that we now regret. In the absence of money, we tried several things we regret now. As a result, our parents’ trust was lost.

We couldn’t get the blogging going. The average view was in the range of 100 to 200 per day, but now that’s about it. The traffic was insufficient to build our blog. Even when we followed the right or wrong practices, we couldn’t succeed.

Trying Luck at Freelance work:

The low earnings force me to halt blogging, and we start writing for Gigs instead. This business failed. We had no reason to keep it up. In our brick-and-mortar mobile shop, we lost our passion for the internet business. We have graduated from that phase. Our freelance writing career began from home. We can never fully understand God’s plan. We are grateful that God has allowed me to be a part of it. We made our family and me much happier after we were successful. Our relatives were also richer than we were. We considered freelance work to be risky. The project seemed short-lived. The claim we are making may be illogical, but we have always wished to earn a more reliable income in the future.

Coming back to Blogging:

The last time we updated our blog was almost a year ago. We owned multiple blogs in an experiment, and our business grew. The income we earn today exceeds six figures. The reason is our startup, “Search Oye.” The top ten bloggers in Pakistan have all listed me among their independent blog lists. We are millionaires, and our entire family is proud of me. In addition, we blog and work from home. In addition, we occasionally offer freelance writing jobs.


It would help if you struggled to succeed. Contact efforts are essential for success. Keeping options open while remaining persistent is the key to success. Regarding what options we refer to, we refer to the most important vote of all—the chance to acquire new skills.

The importance of a degree cannot be overstated. The world of tough, nasty, and competitive work requires certain skills. You should learn skills that can earn you a regular income. Your business should be as automated as possible. This means working without sitting behind a desk all day. You can make money even while you sleep if you can automate your work. we found that freedom in blogging.



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