A story of Adam Cruise, who has made over US$200k on Upwork

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The name of our company is Adam Cruise. The 1st of November 2013 marked the end of our job as a web developer, and we began freelancing. The decision did not happen overnight. In 2008, we earned our first paycheck from working full time, and we never considered making some extra cash on the side. Since we had so much to do on the side, most of our time was spent doing work. As a result, we decided to dedicate all of our time and efforts to improve the company. Since we followed this approach, we received better salary/benefits, as well as greater respect. There was no concern about finances. This never happened to me. We always had plenty of money.

A story of Adam Cruise, who has made over US$200k on Upwork

There came a time, however, when we no longer found things exciting. In the past, we were excited when our coworkers, bosses, and clients complimented me. However, now things have changed. There is no motivation for me, no excitement. It was as if we were following the rules.The situation was extremely challenging. We felt mentally exhausted all the time. However, it did not interfere with our work at all. As a result, we always turned in quality work. The current position was not challenging me, so we thought we would try something new. As the current job didn’t provide me with the opportunity to demonstrate our skills, we knew we were capable of doing much more. It’s because of this realization that you are capable of doing much more for your company. YOU CAN!

However, the decision wasn’t easy. Moving away from one’s comfort zone is never easy. In addition to that, we had a wife and a baby girl, and we had just moved into new homes. We earned excellent money and had very good benefits. It had been over three years since we had left the company. There’s nothing like a fresh start, especially when you have never been there before. This made me very worried. Could we succeed in our new location? Would we lose our job if we moved? Would we have to withdraw all our savings if we could not find a new job? As a result, we decided not to take the risk of trying something new and worked hard at our current job, hoping things would change.

However, they did not do so. As a result, our mental state worsened. It became increasingly stressful and anxious. This diminished our self-esteem and confidence. It was self-sabotage of mine because we did nothing about it. There was also a book on LinkedIn that we found interesting. Author David J. Schwartz wrote the book “The Magic of Thinking Big.”. The first few chapters caught our attention. It changed our thinking and inspired me greatly. In the past, we had no idea how powerful a book could be to change your perspective.

 In addition, we came across a guy named Robin Sharma whose motivational quotes and videos wowed me. It was as though something had shifted. Then it happened. The job went away in an instant. With our newfound confidence, we knew we were going to succeed in whatever we attempted moving forward.It was me. As a freelancer, we needed to make some money until our dream opportunity arrived, so we joined oDesk (now Upwork). After just one month, we showed these results:

  1. In the first five minutes on Upwork, we were able to win four out of four projects.
  2. For an hour and a half, Iweearned $120.
  3. My first month earned me more than $1000.
  4.  Ratings of all five stars.
  5.  In 2015, we made three recurring customers, who are still with me today (by the way, after 1.5 months, we will never bid for jobs again. That just continued to happen.)

It was the beginning of our journey. In addition, Upwork posted about our book about freelancing, which became a best-seller on Amazon for several months. our earnings on Upwork total more than $200K. This has made me fearless. The only thing we needed was one simple step of bravery to overcome our fear and get our confidence and self-esteem back. In the end, we were able to overcome our fear of failure after a long, arduous journey. our family can be with me while we work from home!

Food for thought:

The chances are that you are also reading this, but that you are bound by chains that are too tight to break because you are afraid of what will happen if things do not go as planned. All the motivational books and quotes in the world will not do anything for you until you stop caring about what society says and take action.

Keep in mind that we all want to do many things, even though we are afraid or reluctant to do so or procrastinate. Choose something you can fail at without considerably affecting your life. Don’t be scared to try! It will be worth it. The feeling you will feel after completing it successfully (or unsuccessfully!) will be different.

If it doesn’t work, try something else small. This demon will be slain with no time at all!Learning from failures is always possible. Learning is not possible until a person fails. Mistakes are part of the human experience. We can view them either as a failure or as an opportunity to learn from them. They aren’t failures in our eyes.


Don’t hesitate. Just take action! There are no impossible goals. The more you think about and doubt your abilities, the less you will get out of life.


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